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DateName/LocationEvent InfoEvent Type
01-May-2019 Nahalal Circle-O O-Training
16-Aug-2019 . . O-Training
24-Aug-2019 . . O-Training
07-Sep-2019 Shilat Sprint O
13-Sep-2019 Course Setting For Organizers O-Training
17-Sep-2019 O-Election Day O-Election Day
20-Sep-2019 Gimzo Mtbo League - Round 1 National MTBO League
20-Sep-2019 Gimzo Saharay
21-Sep-2019 Oranim College Sprint
27-Sep-2019 Club M Anabe O-Training
27-Sep-2019 Yuvalim Sprint Sprint
28-Sep-2019 Givat Ela O-Biathlon
01-Oct-2019 Arsuf Aerial Photography O-Training
05-Oct-2019 Ramat Ha-Shofet National League - Round 1 - Sprint National O-League
12-Oct-2019 Sarid - Jezre'el Valley Mtbo League - Round 2 National MTBO League
12-Oct-2019 Sarid Sprint
13-Oct-2019 Ramat Hanadiv 30 For 60Th O-Training
18-Oct-2019 Baram - Weekend In The North 1 -
19-Oct-2019 Amuka - Weekend In The North 2 .
21-Oct-2019 Herzliya Mini-Rogaine . O-Training
21-Oct-2019 Barkai Sprint
26-Oct-2019 Neot Kedumim West National League - Round 2 - Sprint National O-League
01-Nov-2019 Nitzaney Oz Training O-Training
02-Nov-2019 Shimshit Mtbo League - Round 4 National MTBO League
02-Nov-2019 Shimshit Foot O
03-Nov-2019 Herzlia Park School League - Round 1 - South A
07-Nov-2019 Hadera - Eco Park School League - Round 2 - North A
08-Nov-2019 Lev Hasharon Menashe Oc Camp O-Training
09-Nov-2019 Tarom .
11-Nov-2019 Beer Sheva University Night Sprint - Ben Gurion University O-Training
16-Nov-2019 Tel Hadid National League - Round 3 National O-League
19-Nov-2019 Afula Park School League - Round 1 - North B
22-Nov-2019 Youth Team Training O-Training
22-Nov-2019 Tel Azeka S Srigim O-Training
23-Nov-2019 Beit Anava In Memory Of Tal Grossman
25-Nov-2019 Moshav Ben Shemen School League - Round 1 - South B
29-Nov-2019 Jona's Mountain .
30-Nov-2019 Ein Zur Chasing Start
30-Nov-2019 Shilat Training O-Training
07-Dec-2019 Shoham Winter Cup Model Event
07-Dec-2019 Yt Training Shoham O-Training
13-Dec-2019 Hazoreah National League - Round 4 - Winter Cup Day 1 National O-League
16-Dec-2019 Park Carmiel School League - Round 2 - North B
17-Dec-2019 . . O-Training
20-Dec-2019 Massoah .
21-Dec-2019 Maanit 70 Years To Menashe
23-Dec-2019 Aneba Paark Modiiin School League - Round 2 - South B
24-Dec-2019 Maccabi Graves Recreational
25-Dec-2019 Maccabee Graves Recreational
25-Dec-2019 Hefziba Hadera For Light
26-Dec-2019 . . O-Training
27-Dec-2019 Hadera Hanuka Race
27-Dec-2019 M.M.North
28-Dec-2019 Amatzia Classic-O
03-Jan-2020 Makabim Tomb Training O-Training
04-Jan-2020 Kfar Ha-Horesh National League - Round 6 National O-League
10-Jan-2020 West Gilboa Training O-Training
11-Jan-2020 Elyakim Forest Orienteering
11-Jan-2020 Training A O-Training
16-Jan-2020 Pardes Hanna School League - Round 2 - North B
17-Jan-2020 Hefziba Hadera Asa #3
18-Jan-2020 Tel Hadid Billygoat (Ultra-Ez)
25-Jan-2020 Tel Tsorah National League - Round 7 National O-League
31-Jan-2020 Burma Route Long Distance Championship
01-Feb-2020 Training O-Training
01-Feb-2020 Ramat Hanadiv .
05-Feb-2020 Ramat Hanadiv School League - Round 4 - North
06-Feb-2020 Raanana Park School League - Round 3 - South
08-Feb-2020 Yatir Forest
12-Feb-2020 Ramat Hanadiv School League - Round 3 - North
14-Feb-2020 Ceasarea Training O-Training
15-Feb-2020 Nahshonim South Isr Open Model Event
21-Feb-2020 Balfour Forest National League - Round 8 - Isr Open Day 1 National O-League
22-Feb-2020 Beit Keshet National League - Round 9 - Isr Open Day 2 National O-League
28-Feb-2020 Tel Mond Orchards Mtbo League - Round 3 National MTBO League
28-Feb-2020 Maalul Control Picking O-Training
28-Feb-2020 Tel Mond Score Event
28-Feb-2020 Tirat Zvi In Memory Of Yotam Gilboa
29-Feb-2020 Park Hasharon In Memory Of Levy Ovadia
02-Mar-2020 Election Day Orienteering Canceled O-Training
04-Mar-2020 Tel Aviv - Hayarkon Park School League - Round 4 - South
06-Mar-2020 Training Haz O-Training
06-Mar-2020 Hazoreah In Memory Of Erez Harpaz
07-Mar-2020 Plugot Forest National League - Round 5 National O-League
07-Mar-2020 B Anabe Training O-Training
08-Mar-2020 . O-Training
13-Mar-2020 Rehovot Celebrating The 90Th Birthday Of Micha Netzer
14-Mar-2020 Ramot Menashe Rogaine
16-Mar-2020 Ilanot Forest Park School League - National Final
20-Mar-2020 Tel Zora For Alex
20-Mar-2020 Training Team O-Training
21-Mar-2020 Adi For Tamir
23-Mar-2020 Eylat Asa - #4-#5
27-Mar-2020 Kfar Tavor In Memory Of Itzik Dagan
27-Mar-2020 Ben Shemen Youth Village For Jordan Ben Simon
28-Mar-2020 Carmei Yossef National League - Round 10 National O-League
03-Apr-2020 Tzipori
Mtbo League - Round 5 - Isr Open Day 1 National MTBO League
03-Apr-2020 Zipori
04-Apr-2020 Canada Park
Mtbo League - Round 6 - Isr Open Day 2 National MTBO League
04-Apr-2020 Canada Park
11-Apr-2020 Nauora
12-Apr-2020 Yigal Alon Orienteering
Canceled O-Training
15-Apr-2020 Mishmarot Sprint
Preparation For League Sprints O-Training
17-Apr-2020 Migdal Haemek
Rabin's Park
18-Apr-2020 Ben Shemen Forest
Mtbo League - Round 7 National MTBO League
18-Apr-2020 Ben Shemen
24-Apr-2020 Gan Shmuel
National League - Round 11 - Sprint National O-League
25-Apr-2020 Sha'ar Ha-Amakim
National League - Round 12 - Sprint National O-League
01-May-2020 Weekend In Golan Heights 1
Sprint In Ein Zivan
02-May-2020 Haruvit
Mtbo League - Round 8 National MTBO League
02-May-2020 Weekend In Golan Heights
Odem Forest
05-May-2020 School Association Cup
School League - Relay
08-May-2020 Ramat Gan Zoo
Asa #6
09-May-2020 Horshan Mountain
Mtbo League - Round 9 National MTBO League
09-May-2020 Gilon
15-May-2020 Kiriat Ata Forest
16-May-2020 Technion
National League - Clubs Cup - Relay National O-League
21-May-2020 Beer Sheba
For Doron
22-May-2020 Mount Scopus Campus
Friday Morning In Jerusalem
23-May-2020 Jerusalem
30-May-2020 6Hrs Rogain
Foot And Bike
01-Jul-2020 Yarqon Park
02-Jul-2020 Silva Camp
2-12/7/2020 O-Training
10-Aug-2020 O Training
Trining O-Training
14-Aug-2020 Orienteering In Tel Hai Courtyard
Good To Navigate Throughout Our Country
26-Sep-2020 Naan