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DateName/LocationEvent InfoEvent Type
05-Aug-2022 . . O-Training
06-Aug-2022 . . O-Training
13-Aug-2022 Ramat Aviv (Tel Aviv) . O-Training
18-Aug-2022 Tel Hadid Tel Hadid Night'o O-Training
19-Aug-2022 . . O-Training
20-Aug-2022 . . O-Training
24-Aug-2022 . . O-Training
26-Aug-2022 . . O-Training
27-Aug-2022 Ptk City Race Ptk City Race
02-Sep-2022 . . O-Training
03-Sep-2022 Shoham City Race O-Training
03-Sep-2022 . . O-Training
09-Sep-2022 Olga Training Club Opening Event O-Training
10-Sep-2022 Ramat Yishay Mtbo League R.1 National MTBO League
10-Sep-2022 Ramat Yishai City Race O-Training
17-Sep-2022 Haifa City Race
23-Sep-2022 . . O-Training
24-Sep-2022 Ramat Hanadiv
30-Sep-2022 Camp Galil - Day 1 O-Training
30-Sep-2022 Hmoc Sstart O-Training
01-Oct-2022 Green Kfra-Saba Sprint
01-Oct-2022 Camp Galil - Day 2 O-Training
07-Oct-2022 Kibbutz Tzorah Sprint League R.1 National O-League
08-Oct-2022 Kibbutz Meggido Sprint League R.2 National O-League
15-Oct-2022 Hulda Forest .
21-Oct-2022 Kibutz Maanit Orgnized By Il Youth Team O-Training
22-Oct-2022 Eitan Forest Mtbo League Round 2 National MTBO League
22-Oct-2022 Ein Tzur
28-Oct-2022 . . O-Training
29-Oct-2022 Kibbutz Gan-Shmuel Sprint League R.3 National O-League
01-Nov-2022 . . O-Training
04-Nov-2022 Jezre'el Valley Mtbo League R.3 National MTBO League
04-Nov-2022 . . O-Training
05-Nov-2022 Horashim Forest Orienteering With No Paths On Map
11-Nov-2022 Yemin Moshe - Jerusalem Sprint
11-Nov-2022 .. . O-Training
12-Nov-2022 Biria Forest Mini Rogaine
19-Nov-2022 Plugot Forest Forest League R.1 National O-League
22-Nov-2022 . . O-Training
26-Nov-2022 Massoah Forest In Memory Of Tal Grossman
30-Nov-2022 . . O-Training
01-Dec-2022 . . O-Training
02-Dec-2022 . . O-Training
02-Dec-2022 Heftziba .
03-Dec-2022 Carmei- Yossef Mtbo League R.4 National MTBO League
03-Dec-2022 Karmei Yosef Karmei Yosef
10-Dec-2022 Beit- Anava Forest League R.2 National O-League
16-Dec-2022 Bet Hananya Tbd
16-Dec-2022 Alon Hagalil O Seminar O-Training
17-Dec-2022 Alon Hagalil Local Event - Middle Distance
18-Dec-2022 Nir Haemek Afula . O-Training
23-Dec-2022 Yaad Local Orienteering O-Training
23-Dec-2022 Kivrei Hamakbim Training O-Training
24-Dec-2022 Menashe Sands - South The Classisc Sands
24-Dec-2022 Kivrei Hamakabim Training O-Training
30-Dec-2022 Guimzo .
31-Dec-2022 Maagarei Mensahe North Forest League R3 National O-League
03-Jan-2023 . . O-Training
07-Jan-2023 Kfar Hahoresh Long
09-Jan-2023 . . O-Training
13-Jan-2023 Alonim Forest New Map, In The Close North!
14-Jan-2023 Elot Ada Forest New Map
21-Jan-2023 Taoz Forest Forest League R.4 National O-League
27-Jan-2023 Tel Govel Near Kibbutz Beit Keshet O-Training
28-Jan-2023 Tel Hadid Billygoat
03-Feb-2023 Ein Vered Forest + Orchards . O-Training
04-Feb-2023 Hasolelim Tzipori . O-Training
10-Feb-2023 Emek Hamayanot In Memory Of Yotam Gilboa
11-Feb-2023 Park Sayeret Shaked Forest League R.5 - Long Distance National O-League
12-Feb-2023 . . O-Training
15-Feb-2023 . . O-Training
16-Feb-2023 . . O-Training
17-Feb-2023 Yad Mordechai Forest
18-Feb-2023 Shimshit Forest New Map!
24-Feb-2023 Nahal Raz Long Distance
25-Feb-2023 Eliyakim
03-Mar-2023 Gilboa Forest Forestt League R,6 Israel Open Champ. Day 1 National O-League
04-Mar-2023 Beit Keshet Forest Forest League R.7 Israel Open Champ/ Day 2 National O-League
06-Mar-2023 Youth Training Menashe Maanit Forest O-Training
09-Mar-2023 . . O-Training
10-Mar-2023 Kriya Ata In Memory Of Tamir Massad
10-Mar-2023 . . O-Training
11-Mar-2023 Caesaria In Memory Of Ehud Dafni
15-Mar-2023 .
16-Mar-2023 . . O-Training
18-Mar-2023 . . O-Training
20-Mar-2023 Eilat Academic League
21-Mar-2023 Eilat Academic League
24-Mar-2023 Kfar Tavor In Memory Of Itzik Dagan
25-Mar-2023 Park Hasharon-Training O-Training
31-Mar-2023 Ruchama Forest In Memory Of Alex Mashavtzky
01-Apr-2023 Alona Park Rogaine
06-Apr-2023 Isr Spring Tour 2023 Jerusalem - Warm-Up Day
07-Apr-2023 Isr Spring Tour 2023 Day 1 Neot Kedumim
08-Apr-2023 Isr Spring Tour 2023 Day 2 Ben Shemen Forest
09-Apr-2023 Isr Spring Tour 2023 Day 3 Kibbutz Gan Shmuel
09-Apr-2023 Malot Comunty Event O-Training
15-Apr-2023 Ein Zeytim North Forest League R.8 National O-League
17-Apr-2023 . . O-Training
21-Apr-2023 Kerem Maharl Mtbo League R.5 - Israel Champs. Day 1 National MTBO League
21-Apr-2023 Kfar Noar Ben Shemen Jordan Ben-Simon Memorial Event
21-Apr-2023 . O-Training
22-Apr-2023 Kivrey Hamakabim Mtbo League R.6 Israel Champ. Day 2 National MTBO League
22-Apr-2023 Spring Cup 2023 Mikhmoret
22-Apr-2023 Ben Shemen Trianing O-Training
28-Apr-2023 Harish Betzavta Sprint
29-Apr-2023 Tel Mond City Race
29-Apr-2023 Herut Orchards Mtbo League R.7 National MTBO League
02-May-2023 . . O-Training
05-May-2023 Shoham
06-May-2023 Ein Shemer Sprint League R.4 National O-League
13-May-2023 Tel Hadid Forest In Memory Of Avner Tzur
19-May-2023 Gevat Training
19-May-2023 Petach Tiqwa Worldorienteeringday.Com O-Training
20-May-2023 Jerusalem
26-May-2023 Hazoreah Sprint League R.5-Israel Sprint Champ. Day 1 National O-League
27-May-2023 Naan Sprint League R.6 Israel Champ. Day 2 National O-League
02-Jun-2023 Yaar Elyakim Family And Kids Course Only
03-Jun-2023 Hakfar Hayarok . O-Training
09-Jun-2023 .
. O-Training
10-Jun-2023 Atzmon - Sprint 1
Mashgav Sprint Championship
10-Jun-2023 Manof - Sprint 2
Misgav Championship O-Training
17-Jun-2023 Wingate Shorty
17-Jun-2023 Wingate Inst.
Club's Championship - Sprint - Relay National O-League
23-Jun-2023 .
. O-Training
23-Jun-2023 .
. O-Training
24-Jun-2023 Score In Petach-Tiqwa
Score In Petach-Tiqwa O-Training
25-Jun-2023 .
. O-Training
28-Jun-2023 .
01-Jul-2023 .
. O-Training
08-Jul-2023 Rishon Lezion - Kiriat Ganim
City Race O-Training
23-Jul-2023 .
. O-Training
12-Aug-2023 Ramat Gan Safari / Zoo
. O-Training
22-Aug-2023 .
. O-Training