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DateName/LocationEvent InfoEvent Type
24-Apr-2023 .
08-Jul-2023 . . O-Training
15-Jul-2023 . . O-Training
22-Jul-2023 Kibbutz T'zora Summer Tr3 O-Training
23-Jul-2023 . . O-Training
29-Jul-2023 . . O-Training
05-Aug-2023 Tel Mond . O-Training
05-Aug-2023 . . O-Training
12-Aug-2023 Neve Tzedek . O-Training
15-Aug-2023 Bat Hefer Evening Sprint O-Training
17-Aug-2023 Tel Hadid Night Score O O-Training
19-Aug-2023 . . O-Training
22-Aug-2023 Green Kfar Sava Evening/Night Sprint O-Training
23-Aug-2023 . . O-Training
26-Aug-2023 Neot Ashalim | Rishon Lezion City Race O-Training
29-Aug-2023 Yuvalim Karkur Evening Sprint O-Training
31-Aug-2023 Night Mini-Rogain Night Mini-Rogain - Menashe Forest O-Training
01-Sep-2023 Rogainlate Late Registration O-Training
02-Sep-2023 Adi O-Training
02-Sep-2023 Mazor Chemp Sprint O-Training
08-Sep-2023 Givat Haim Meuhad Sprint O-Training
09-Sep-2023 Herzelia Park . O-Training
22-Sep-2023 Givat Ella Foot-O O-Training
22-Sep-2023 Givat Ella Mtbo League Stage 1 National MTBO League
22-Sep-2023 Galil Trainng Camp 23 - Day 1 A Close Camp For Galil Club O-Training
23-Sep-2023 Kibbutz Barkai New Map And Prizes For Youth O-Training
23-Sep-2023 Galil Trainng Camp 23 - Day 2 A Close Camp For Galil Club O-Training
30-Sep-2023 Givat Hayim Mtbo League Stage 2 National MTBO League
30-Sep-2023 Givat Hayim Foot-O O-Training
07-Oct-2023 Ein Tzur O-Training
28-Oct-2023 Alon Hagalil Forest Event O-Training
04-Nov-2023 Shimshit O-Training
10-Nov-2023 Yarqon Park Tropical Garden, Cactus & Rock Garden O-Training
11-Nov-2023 Lost Island Rust Removing Training O-Training
18-Nov-2023 Eco Park Apolonia . O-Training
18-Nov-2023 Hasolelim Has O-Training
24-Nov-2023 Yaar Iron Start At Harish O-Training
25-Nov-2023 Iron Forest . O-Training
25-Nov-2023 Givataim Park Givataim Park O-Training
02-Dec-2023 West Ben Shemen Forest Israel O' Team O-Training
08-Dec-2023 Maagarei Menashe South Israel O' Team O-Training
09-Dec-2023 Alonim Forest Orienteering Between Oaks & Flowers, For All Grade O-Training
09-Dec-2023 Shoham Israel O' Team O-Training
14-Dec-2023 Makabim Training O-Training
15-Dec-2023 Arsuf Night-O O-Training
15-Dec-2023 Maanit Forest Hanucha Festival O-Training
16-Dec-2023 Givat Nili O-Training
22-Dec-2023 Balfur Forest Middle O-Training
29-Dec-2023 Shfeya O-Training
30-Dec-2023 Tel Hadid Event Without Points
05-Jan-2024 Alon Hagalil Forest O-Training
05-Jan-2024 Lahav Forest Mtbo League Stage 3 National MTBO League
06-Jan-2024 Cannons' Ridge Classic O-Training
13-Jan-2024 Ben Shemen National League Stage 1 National O-League
19-Jan-2024 Dead Sea The Lowest Event O-Training
19-Jan-2024 Gilboa Center Israel O' Team O-Training
19-Jan-2024 Team Camp O-Training
20-Jan-2024 Elot Ada Forest Great Middle Diatance! O-Training
27-Jan-2024 Beit Keshet Orienteering In The Terrain Of Israeli Champs O-Training
03-Feb-2024 Messua Forest National League Stage 2 National O-League
09-Feb-2024 Canada Park Ultra Goat 2024 O-Training
09-Feb-2024 R. Yohanan O-Training O-Training
09-Feb-2024 Galil Basic Training 3-1 Galil Beginners Training 3-1 O-Training
10-Feb-2024 Rosh Zayit Segev Forest North - New Map O-Training
16-Feb-2024 Beit Anava Middle Distance O-Training
17-Feb-2024 Shimshit Givat Rabi O-Training
22-Feb-2024 Youth Menashe-Carmel O-Training
23-Feb-2024 Bikat Nazoirim Foot-O O-Training
24-Feb-2024 Plugot Forest National League Stage 3 National O-League
01-Mar-2024 Eliyakim Forest O-Training
01-Mar-2024 Galil Basic Training 3-2 Galil Beginners Training 3-2 O-Training
01-Mar-2024 Jerusalem - Valley Of The Cross Jerusalem Nature O-Training
02-Mar-2024 Rosh Hàian Training O-Training
02-Mar-2024 Maagarei Menashe North In Memory Of Ehud Daphni O-Training
08-Mar-2024 Tzipori Forest O-Training
09-Mar-2024 Hasharon Park In Memory Of Yehudit & Levi Ovadia O-Training
16-Mar-2024 Hazorea Forest National League Stage 4 National O-League
18-Mar-2024 Carmenashe League 2 O-Training
22-Mar-2024 Givat Olga - Cancelled Training O-Training
22-Mar-2024 Galil Basic Training 3-3 Galil Beginners Training 3-3 O-Training
23-Mar-2024 Luzit Rogaine
29-Mar-2024 Britannia Park Mtbo League Stage 4 National MTBO League
29-Mar-2024 Taoz In Memory Of Alex O-Training
29-Mar-2024 Tc O-Training
30-Mar-2024 Carmei Yossef Midde Distance O-Training
05-Apr-2024 Megido Forest National League Stage 5 (Isr Champs 1) National O-League
06-Apr-2024 Ben Shemen Forest National League Stage 6 (Isr Champs 2) National O-League
08-Apr-2024 Park Nahal Hedera School Event
13-Apr-2024 Heftziba Israel Orienteering Team O-Training
19-Apr-2024 Ramat Sirin West Mtbo League Stage 5 National MTBO League
20-Apr-2024 Ramat Shofet Sprint 1 National O-League
26-Apr-2024 Zippory Forest Club Training Camp O-Training
27-Apr-2024 Alon Hagalil West Spring Orienteering O-Training
29-Apr-2024 Glil Yam Park Sprint O-Training
03-May-2024 Ben Shemen Youth Village Sprint 2 National O-League
04-May-2024 Ben Shemen Forest In The Memory Of Tal Grossman & Avner Tsur O-Training
07-May-2024 Gan Shmuel School Event
11-May-2024 Kadima Forest Short Distance Championship O-Training
14-May-2024 Independence Day Cactus Garden Yarqon Park O-Training
17-May-2024 Safari Ramat Gan O-Training
18-May-2024 Magal Sprint 3 National O-League
22-May-2024 Zaadt Hedera For Primwry Shcools O-Training
24-May-2024 Sprint Sprint O-Training
25-May-2024 Carmel Mtbo League Stage 8 National MTBO League
25-May-2024 Yuvalim - Sprint I Misgav Championship O-Training
25-May-2024 Rakefet - Sprint Ii Misgav Championship O-Training
31-May-2024 Tarom Mtbo League Stage 6 (Isr Champs 1) National MTBO League
31-May-2024 Shaar Ha-Amakim Preperation For Israel Champioship O-Training
01-Jun-2024 Nawe Shalom Mtbo League Stage 7 (Isr Champs 2) National MTBO League
01-Jun-2024 Kfar Saba Hayeruka Sprint Training Before Israel Sprint Championship O-Training
07-Jun-2024 Campus Har Hazofim - Jslm Sprint 4 - Isr Open Day 1 National O-League
08-Jun-2024 Tel Aviv University Sprint 5 - Isr Open Day 2 National O-League
13-Jun-2024 Ben Shemen Challenge Night -O Rogaine O-Training
15-Jun-2024 Givat Haim Meuhad Club Championship - Relay - Sprint National O-League
18-Jun-2024 O-Camp And 3-Days Takas Competition Camp And Competition In Lithuania
22-Jun-2024 G.Ada
24-Jun-2024 Adults Camp
Adults Camp O-Training
29-Jun-2024 Tlv Cactus And Rocks Garden
Sprint-Score O-Training
18-Jul-2024 Night Rogaine
Mishmar Haemeq O-Training
18-Jul-2024 Silva O Camp
18-29 July O-Training
02-Aug-2024 World Masters Orienteering Championships
Wmoc + Fin5
18-Aug-2024 European Rogaining Championships
27-Aug-2024 .
. O-Training