DatePlaceDetailsEvent Type
12/21/2018.. Training
12/21/2018Haruvit ForestAsa League #2
12/22/2018Lavi forest
12/28/2018MenahamiyaRound 4 - Winter Cup Day 1 National Foot-O League
12/29/2018Ein TzurRound 5 - Winter Cup Day 2 National Foot-O League
1/5/2019Adi ForestRegional competition Local Foot-O League
1/19/2019Beit AnavaBillygoat - ultra orienteering
1/26/2019NachshonimRound 7 National Foot-O League
5/10/2019Kfar YehezkelTraining Training
5/10/2019Givat HaMorehRound 2 National MTBO League
5/11/2019Jona's Mountain.


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