DatePlaceDetailsEvent Type
1/25/2020Tel TsorahNational League - Round 7 National Foot-O League
2/1/2020Ramat Hanadiv.
2/21/2020Balfour ForestNational League - Round 8 - ISR Open Day 1 National Foot-O League
2/22/2020Beit KeshetNational League - Round 9 - ISR Open Day 2 National Foot-O League
2/28/2020Tel Mond OrchardsMTBO League - Round 3 National MTBO League
3/2/20206hrs RogainFoot and Bike
3/7/2020Plugot ForestNational League - Round 5 - Winter Cup Day 2 National Foot-O League
3/20/2020Orienteering in Tel Hai courtyardGood to navigate throughout our country Training
4/17/2020Migdal HaemekRabin's Park


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