Event Info

13 October, 2018
Round 1 - Sprint
Starts 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Short: 2 km
Short+: 2 km
Middle: 3 km
Middle+: 3 km
Long: 3 km
Advance Registration
35 NIS (ISOA members)
50 NIS (non-members)"
Adv. Register. Deadline11/10/2018 11:59 PM
Same Day Registration Non
Organizer Club Yisrael OC
Course Planner Lanes
Course Vetter Roni DC
Meet Director Roni DC
Contact Info Ziv 0544513817
Map Name Sarid press image to enlarge
Terrain Urban
Scale 1:4000
Survey Date 2015
Directions Parking and Start at Kibutz Sarid
Additional Info.