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DateName/LocationEvent InfoEvent Type
07-Jul-2018 Tlv - Hahorshot Park Summer Tr.1 O-Training
14-Jul-2018 Haifa Eli Chohen Park Summer Tr#2 O-Training
21-Jul-2018 Hasharon Hyarok Kadima Summer Tr#3 O-Training
28-Jul-2018 Aco - Old City Summer Tr#4 O-Training
04-Aug-2018 Rishon West Summer Tr#5 O-Training
11-Aug-2018 Kefar Saba - Park Summer Tr#6 O-Training
18-Aug-2018 Rosh Zipor Summer Tr#7 O-Training
25-Aug-2018 Hadera Summer Tr#8 O-Training
01-Sep-2018 Peres Park Holon Training 1 O-Training
08-Sep-2018 Givat Ella Nivuthlon
14-Sep-2018 Yokneam Slopes
15-Sep-2018 Beit Anava Round 1 National MTBO League
15-Sep-2018 . . O-Training
21-Sep-2018 . . O-Training
28-Sep-2018 Hadera Quiz O
29-Sep-2018 Yuvalim Sprint
05-Oct-2018 Ifat Sprint
06-Oct-2018 Tel Hadid For Harel
12-Oct-2018 Pre Season Training O-Training
13-Oct-2018 Sarid Round 1 - Sprint National O-League
19-Oct-2018 Oranim College Sprint
20-Oct-2018 Mevot Yam
26-Oct-2018 Shoham
Zvika Sachrai Memorial Event
27-Oct-2018 Ramat Hanadiv
28-Oct-2018 Beer Sheva University
Night O
03-Nov-2018 Neot Kdumim
Round 2 - Sprint National O-League
06-Nov-2018 Park Hagalil - Carmiel
Round 1 - North Region
10-Nov-2018 Beit Keshet Forest
Mini Rogaine
16-Nov-2018 Givat Hamoreh
Round 2 National MTBO League
17-Nov-2018 Hamakabim Tombs
In Memory Of Tal Grossman
19-Nov-2018 Ranana Park
Round 1 - South Region
24-Nov-2018 Carmei Yossef
Round 3 National O-League
30-Nov-2018 Migdal Haemek
01-Dec-2018 Jona's Mountain
07-Dec-2018 Zefat
07-Dec-2018 Nahrayim
Peace Iland
08-Dec-2018 Segev Forest
12-Dec-2018 Park Peres Holon
Round 2 - South Region
14-Dec-2018 Lavih Forest - North
15-Dec-2018 Maanit
17-Dec-2018 Ganei Huga - Spring Valley
Round 2 - North Region
21-Dec-2018 Open Training
Open Training O-Training
22-Dec-2018 Lavi Forest
25-Dec-2018 North Part
28-Dec-2018 Menahamiya
Round 4 - Winter Cup Day 1 National O-League
29-Dec-2018 Ein Tzur
Round 5 - Winter Cup Day 2 National O-League
04-Jan-2019 Tel Mond Orchards
Round 3 National MTBO League
05-Jan-2019 Adi Forest
12-Jan-2019 Balfour
Round 6 - Club Championship (Relay) National O-League
16-Jan-2019 Kadima Forest
Round 3 - South Region
19-Jan-2019 Beit Anava
23-Jan-2019 Heftziva - Hadera
Round 3 - North Region
26-Jan-2019 Nachshonim
Round 7 National O-League
02-Feb-2019 Heftziva - Hadera
08-Feb-2019 Kochav Ha-Yarden
In Memory Of Yotam Gilboa
09-Feb-2019 Training
Gimzo O-Training
09-Feb-2019 Gimzo
Round 4 National MTBO League
14-Feb-2019 Ben Shemen Forest
Regional Final - South
15-Feb-2019 Ein Sarid Forest
16-Feb-2019 Eliyakim Forest
22-Feb-2019 Kfar Ha-Horesh
Round 8 - Israel Open Day 1 National O-League
23-Feb-2019 Ha-Solelim
Round 9 - Israel Open Day 2 National O-League
27-Feb-2019 Ramat Yochanan Forest
Regional Final - North
01-Mar-2019 Training
Training O-Training
02-Mar-2019 Mikhmoret
In Memory Of Levi Ovadia
08-Mar-2019 Park Sayeret Shaked
Round 5 National MTBO League
08-Mar-2019 Be'er Sheva
In Memory Of Doron Assulin
09-Mar-2019 Hanita Forest
In Memory Of Tamir Massad
15-Mar-2019 Ha-Zoreah
In Memory Of Erez Harpaz
16-Mar-2019 Ben Shemen Forests
23-Mar-2019 Tel-Tzorah
Round 10 National O-League
29-Mar-2019 Kfar Tavor
In Memory Of Itzik Dagan
29-Mar-2019 Tarom
In Memory Of Alex Mashavitzky
30-Mar-2019 Massoah
Round 6 - Israel Open In Memory Of Gal Gitemol National MTBO League
01-Apr-2019 Horashim
National Final
05-Apr-2019 Ramat Gan Zoo
In Memory Of Ziv Ballaly
06-Apr-2019 Ben Shemen
In Memory Of Shmuel Shamash
12-Apr-2019 Bat Shlomo
Round 7 National MTBO League
13-Apr-2019 Sataf
Round 11 - Medium Distance National O-League
27-Apr-2019 Shimshit East
Round 8 National MTBO League
03-May-2019 Nofit
In Memory Of Ohad Zach
11-May-2019 Shilat
15-May-2019 Wod2019
17-May-2019 Ganniger
Round 12 - Sprint National O-League
18-May-2019 Mizrah
Round 13 - Sprint National O-League
24-May-2019 Yaad
In Memory Of Tamir Nevuany
25-May-2019 Training
Training O-Training
31-May-2019 Kiriat Ata Forest
01-Jun-2019 Jerusalem
07-Jun-2019 Beit Berl
14-Jun-2019 Training
Training O-Training
15-Jun-2019 Training
Training O-Training