Mountain Bike World Orienteering Championship 2009

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The Area of the Championship
The competition will be taking place in:
The plain of Judea – a geographical area in the pass between the Judea mountains and the costal plain. Its boundaries: in the east – Judea mountains (steep and high mountains), in the west – the gradual change to the costal plain, in the north – the foot of the Shomron mountains and in the south – the north of the Negev mountains. The above area is 100 km long, its average width is 10 - 15 km and it is 120-450 meters above the sea level.

Note: The terrain holds rocks and stones of different sizes. During this time of year, there are a lot of sharp thorns on the terrain and the paths – therefore it is recommended to use all necessary means to avoid flat tires.

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Israel Sport Orienteering Assoc.
International Orienteering Assoc.
Modiin Regional Municipality
Israel Ministry of Culture & Sport
Ayelet - The Federation of Non Olimpic Sport in Israel
Manara Cliff
Neviot Mineral Water
Challenge אוכל עם מחשבה
Source Vagabound
מגזין אופניים
CTC יבואני TREK
Wheels of Love
Rudy Project
NEOT KEDUMIM - The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel
Yoav Regional Municipality
Mate Yehuda Regional Municipality
Yoav-Yehuda Tourism office