Mountain Bike World Orienteering Championship 2009

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  Map Name Map Image Scale Countours Winner Time Men Winner Time Women
Long Qualification Haruvit Haruvit Map 1:15000 5m 50 min 50 min
Middle Ben Shemen Ben Shemen Map 1:15000 5 m 50 min 45 min
Relay Ben Shemen Ben Shemen Map 1:15000 5 m 40 min 35 min
Sprint Neot Kedumim Neot Kedumim Map 1:10000 5 m 15 min 15 min
Long Eshtaol Eshtaol Map 1:20000 10 m 90 min 80 min
All events will be organized in accordance with the 2008 IOF Competition Rules for MTB Orienteering Events:
- Competitors must reach all control points in possession of their bikes
- Riding off-trail is permitted
Terrain Description
The competition terrain consists of rolling hills of moderate elevation (approximately 200 m ASL) at the foot of the central mountains,- between the Mediterranean coastline and Jordan Rift Valley in the East. The terrain at the competition sites is predominantly forested evergreens accompanied by a variety of fir, oak, cypress and olive trees. The forested terrain is partially rocky with small open meadows. Trail options are numerous and vary from singles to a network of fast doubles.
The eastern Mediterranean climate during the summer is very hot with no precipitation. The average temperature in August ranges from 21 -31 degrees Celsius, and the humidity ranges from 55-70%.
Note: Unavoidably, competition time will take place during midday sun. Competitors are advised to take extra care to avoid dehydration.
The terrain is covered with rocks and stones of various sizes. During the summer, the ground is dry with an abundance of sharp thorns on the trails. It is highly recommended to use all necessary means to avoid flat tires.
Israel Sport Orienteering Assoc.
International Orienteering Assoc.
Modiin Regional Municipality
Israel Ministry of Culture & Sport
Ayelet - The Federation of Non Olimpic Sport in Israel
Manara Cliff
Neviot Mineral Water
Challenge אוכל עם מחשבה
Source Vagabound
מגזין אופניים
CTC יבואני TREK
Wheels of Love
Rudy Project
NEOT KEDUMIM - The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel
Yoav Regional Municipality
Mate Yehuda Regional Municipality
Yoav-Yehuda Tourism office